Must watch interview of Liam Gallagher at Cannes pitching his Beatles breakup pic:

Guardian: Why is [this] more interesting to you than a straight Beatles biopic?

LG: Because it’s been done before mate. And the Beatles aren’t going to be in this film. There’s going to be no-one auditioning for John, Paul, George, Ringo. I ain’t going to be doing that, and there’ll be no wigs.

LG: I’m not doing films about whales…or unkempt eyebrows or anything like that. I’m doing this and that’s it, I’m out of here mate.

Guardian: Are you a film fan though, what films do you like?

LG: I like films, they’re alright, they’re alright. Film business is just like the music business innit, it’s a load of blaggers talking shit.

So true.