Flickr person Kellan Elliott-McCrea:

Imagine getting access to all the data Google has about you, and everything they’ve learned partially based on observing you.

I have imagined just that with a friend several times - some way of seeing who/what Google thinks you are. Who do they think wants to advertise to you? What songs do they think you like? What is their profile of you? Who is the Google-You?

The problem with Google’s current tools for looking at their data on you - Dashboard and the Data Liberation Front (seemingly comatose) - is that they don’t show you the aggregated Google-You. They only show the component parts, and specifically exclude stuff like page requests, cookies, and advertising data.

The Google-You is obviously of great value to Google’s advertising partners and demographic data consumers. And their ability to make a Google-You out of all that we do online (and off) is a huge competitive advantage. But given we’ve provided all the data to create that virtual person, it would be nice if we could access it free. Actually it would be more than nice, it should be required.

(via Daring Fireball)