I’ve always hated returning to the country through immigration control - you are made to feel like you’ve done something wrong no matter what. You hope they let you back home (I do belong here, don’t I?), that the drug dogs don’t mistakenly sniff you out (it’s only chocolate), that you’re smiling enough (or not enough), that it’s ok to go to the toilet (wait, maybe they take that as a sign you’re guilty?), that you don’t look dodgy (but I haven’t slept for 12 hours so how can I not look odd), that you don’t look like you’re loitering waiting for your baggage (it’s not my fault), etc etc.

This guy took exception and evoked his (US) rights. Takes chutzpah - as he says, they’re keeping records, so he will be forever harassed.

(via Daring Fireball)