TTKP: Time To Kate Perry

Survey of US commercial radio rotation of Kate Perry:

  • Depressing stat #1: 39 minutes between KP plays
  • Depressing stat #2: 184 unique songs per week
  • Depressing stat #3: 7 songs per hour average

So say each hour you get 25 minutes of music, of which one is bound to be KP and the others you will certainly have heard before, and 35 minutes of guff & garbage.

So, no matter where you are, if you have a radio, you can tune into the local top-40 radio station, and you’ll need to wait, on average, only about 40 minutes until a Katy Perry song comes on. Good to know.

Commercial radio is a travesty. All hail local, government, and indie radio.

Zork Black Ops

In a nice hat tip, Call of Duty: Black Ops has the entire Zork game embedded. Just imagine all the twitch kiddies getting hooked. As Wired puts it:

Did you hear that, Activision? We demand Zork in every game you release.