Angus and Julia Stone, the offensively inoffensive fey-folk insular-peninsular bores, topped triple j’s Hottest 100 for 2010. Angus, the bearded mary-jane lover, had this to say about writing the #1 track:

One day I was at Woodford and it was melting hot and I went down to Stony Creek and I met a girl there and she was a goddess sparkling in the sun. We kind of had a thing and had a bit of love then I had to split and go on tour and I didn’t see her again and I wanted to take her with me but I couldn’t so I wrote a song about it.

A goddess sparkling in the sun? We had a bit of love and then I had to split??? Aaarrgghh. What happened to the youth, when did dull become cool. Obviously I’m finally truly middle aged and hopelessly out of touch - thankfully, if A&JS are the cutting edge.