I’ve been playing around with Jason Kottke’s stellar.io, which is a service for aggregating and sharing favourited items from Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and Flickr.

You can see other users' favourited stuff, and hence theoretically see the ‘best' of the web in one place. The immediate problem I had was I had never really used the favourite feature on any of those sites. I think I had one Tweet favourited. And nothing else. I wasn’t even a member of Vimeo, despite viewing stuff on it.

So I started faving a few items, importing them automatically to Stellar in the process. And I checked out a few other users' streams. It’s kind of neat. It’s a window into what other people like enough to star, without the associated verbage.

One issue was I wanted to be able to favourite other stuff - blog entries, instapapered articles, tumblr posts, Soundcloud songs, etc. Stellar will no doubt add those things over time.

Why use Stellar? It aggregates other peoples favourites, which you otherwise wouldn’t see. And I guess because it’s transparent - see something you like, quickly favourite it, Stellar has it instantly. But it doesn’t allow for any context setting or sharing of anything other than the big four, and most of the stuff I find I want to share or bookmark is elsewhere. And favouriting on other sites is just not part of my webflow, which kind of breaks the Stellar premise.

Then I realised that this blog was pretty much serving that purpose for me. A bunch of favourited stuff aggregated into one place that anyone can follow via RSS or otherwise.

So I’m back. Still a little uncomfortable about pouring all this ephemera into a 3rd party platform, but the lazy web in me means this is home for now.