Actual not-made-up lyrics from the #1 US Country album:

Well every time I turn around,
I see some dude dressed like a clown,
Baggy pants and a cap on sideways,
They don’t say ma’am or sir no more,
They won’t even hold a door for a woman,
Well it’s a cryin' shame.

All together now: 

Tell me where did all the good ole boys go,
Must be working on a farm,
Or out there chasin' rainbows,
Are they back in Oklahoma,
Or at a Texas rodeo,
Tell me where did all the good ole boys go.

Ok, so far so good. But then:

Are they drivin' cattle and ridin' high,
Livin' life the cowboy way,
Or down there on the front line,
Fightin' off the bad guys,
Givin' ‘em hell for the good ole USA.

Uh, what? WHAT? It would be funny if it wasn’t real.