A friend commented on the Google Music post below, only he commented over at Google+. Then someone replied to his comment, also on G+.

I can’t see that he commented. And I can’t respond to his comment on G+ because I’m not a member. He can’t comment here because he’s not registered.


In any case, the comment on the comment was:

Don’t look at Google - look at the dinosaur music companies who set down the policies on where their music may be purchased and played.

My comment on the comment made on his comment: I do look at Google here. To make it work, you just have to fork out enough dosh. Apple have done it1. Google can too.

Amazon are also guilty here - one of the strengths of their (otherwise apparently pretty average) Fire is apparently video playback. Full video functionality comes with being a member of Amazon Prime2. And Amazon Prime is, you guessed it: US only.

  1. Mind you their iTunes Match service is US only for now too. But the store is global. ↩︎

  2. Which sounds suspiciously like joining the Borg collective. ↩︎