Great guide from Max Temkin to the 40 key episodes, and why Trek is more than just “Guys in pajamas looking at viewscreens and sitting in chairs”.

I watched the entire thing on VHS1 over the course of several years of man-flu induced sick leave, but this is a nice way to ease into Star Trek and enjoy some of the best sci-fi TV ever made:

Star Trek has a special place in my heart because it shows us a future where we continue to advance technology and explore without destroying ourselves or shouting over each other on Twitter all day. We should all be aware of the many difficult material concerns in our lives, and the unjust power structures that we’re implicated in. But what does life look like without them? Who’s thinking about what comes next? Captain Picard, that’s who. (via Six Colors)

  1. Each rented from a video store, from back when there was more than one last remaining holdout. Which I still use - why watch a crappy compressed stream when you can rent a Blu-Ray for $5. Yes, I’m old. ↩︎