Quite Expensive Monitors

A full year after posting about the incoming 32" 4K high-refresh monitors, it looks like they may finally be here. Or almost.

TFTCentral have listed a slew of likely candidates releasing in the first half of this year, with many models being confirmed at CES and given vaguely legitimate release dates.

They come in two variants: an HDR600 panel, and a spectacular sounding Mini LED backlight panel with HDR1400. The former will be quite expensive (I’d guess ~$2k Australian), while the latter will be more like double that. All the regular suspects - Acer, ASUS, Philips, Viewsonic - have announced models (LG are conspicuous by their absence), so hopefully there’s some pricing competition.

I almost caved in and purchased one of the LG 38" 1600p widescreen models that have been very well reviewed, but I’ve never liked curved screen monitors so managed to resist.

After all this time waiting, I think the ‘cheap’ model will more than do the job. Then it’s just a matter of finding a mythical 3080 or 6800 GPU to drive it. Maybe in another year.